Monday, January 11, 2010

Opinions and ideas

We’ve been doing Hold ‘em for about 3 years now. Our game is nothing without you guys showing up each month and making it a lot of fun. I know it’s important to me (and not just because I’m an addict).

I’d welcome any ideas you guys have on improving the game, making it more fair or anything like that.

I’ve found a set of published rules that we’ll be sticking going by that I think will make things a bit more consistent. We’ve gone mostly by these anyway, but some things will be different.

Anyway, let me have it. Starting chip stacks too low? Too high? Buy ins too low, too high? Point system needs changing? TOC format?

Here’s some thoughts I had:

Trimming the re-buy period back to 1 hour

Having a second chance game where people who bust out have a chance to earn some points



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