Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Palace Poker Tour Rules and Regulations

Monthly Tournaments

1) Time and Date
1a) Each monthly tournament will be held on Sunday evening at place and date to be determined by the Super Tournament Director, hereby referred to as the STD. Money will be collected and seats will be drawn as soon as the majority of the players have arrived. Each game will begin shortly after.

2) Seating, and Moving seats, and the final table
2a) Seats at each table will be determined by drawing of cards. Each player will draw a card, with the person who draws the Ace picking their seat and continuing to the left is ascending order.
2b) The dealer button always begins with the Ace.
2c) The STD will move players from one table to another in order to preserve balance. The person will be moved from the same position at their previous table to the same position at the new table.
2d) Late arriving players will be seated by another draw of cards, or by the discretion of the STD.
2e) When there are 10 or less players remaining in the tournament, the STD will combine the remaining players into the final table. Seating positions at the final table will be determined by another draw of the cards. The player who draws the Ace will choose his or her seat and deal the first hand, with the 2-10 taking the seats to the left going around the table.

3) Buy-Ins And Re-Buys
3a) Buy-In for tournaments is $10
3b) Players have the option to re-buy as many times as they wish before the first break. A player may rebuy as long as long as they have 500 chips or less.

4) Blinds Schedule
4a) The blinds will begin at $50 (Small Blind) and $100 (Big Blind).
4b) Blinds will increase every 20 minutes unless otherwise specified by the STD, up until final table. After the 2nd break, the Blinds will increase every 15 minutes.
4c) As determined by the STD, time between blind increases can be lengthened when too few player are present and the blinds are "eating" into the players stacks at a faster rate than normal
4d) At the STD's discretion, an ante can be put in play once play goes past 12:00am and the host home owner is already busted out and wants to go to bed.

5) Chipping Up
5a) Once certain denomination chips are no longer beneficial to tournament play, The STD will chip up all players during the breaks, at which time the many lower denomination chips will be extracted from the game and replaced by fewer higher denomination chips that equal the monetary value of the non-beneficial chips they replaced. We will round up in all cases. For example, if a player only 2,3, or 4 $100 chips, they will receive 1 $500 chip in their place.

6) Payout And Points
6a) The top 4 places will paid each tournment. 1st place (60%), 2nd place (25%), 3rd place (10%), 4th place (5%). 10 dollars is automatically removed from the mainpot to go towards the Tournament of champions.

6b) Points are awarded each tournament to the top 6 players. These points help to determine which players are invited to the Tournament Of Champions at the end of the year.

6c) 2nd Chance Tournament - Any player who busts out after the first break may play in the 2nd chance tournament. There must be at least 2 players willing to play. Additional players may join at any time. Only those that finish outside the top 6 of the main tourney are elgible. There is no additional buy-in for this tournament. in the 2nd chance tourney, all players will start with 10,500 in chips, with the blinds increasing the same time the blinds in the main tournament increase. The last person standing in this tourney will receive 10 points. Play will continue until only one person has chips remaining, or the main tournament ends. If the main tourney ends prior to the second chance tourney ending, play is stopped immediately, and the 10 points will be awarded to the player with the most chips.

The points are awarded as follows:
1st: 120 pts
2nd: 100 pts
3rd: 80 pts
4th: 60 pts.
5th: 40 pts.
6th: 20 pts.

Tournament Of Champions

TOC Invitation) The 10 players with the most points will be invited to a $10 buy in Tournament at the end of the year. Players must have also played in at least 5 of the monthly tournaments as well. They will be playing for the $120 Champion's Prize Pool ($10 a month taken from each months game) and the $100 TOC buy-in plus any re-buy or add-on money taken at the TOC. The starting chip stacks at the TOC will be determined based on the percentage of points each player has acquired.

Final Note
If at any time, a player feels ill, uneasy, nauseous, itchy, or experiences any discomfort at any time, please look for STD.


Anonymous said...

Too bad that Phil guy wasn't there this last time - we sure miss him . .
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Ron said...

Man, I'm glad Phil didn't post the above comment. Cuz, I'd have to make fun of him for posting the comment on the wrong post. Phewww, good thing.

Darrell said...

sweet, so lemme get this straight. I can join in at the end of the year, and reach the TOC simply by getting 1st or 2nd place each night?