Friday, January 29, 2010

Results from January's Hold 'Em Night

We had a good turnout for the first game of the year with 13 players. We even tried something new with the blinds, which we won’t do again, that was just crazy fast. I won’t decrease the time on the blinds until much later, and it will only drop from 20 to 15 minutes.

Derek took home the prestigious honor of being the first Horse’s ass of the year. He liked it so much, he re-bought and went out first again. That’s tough. Oh well.

Scott Saunders developed a decent chip lead and took home the cash. With 5 players left, he got 3 of them to put all their chips in the pot, and took them all out in one swoop. New comer Justin Langford was the only other player left and took home second place.

Our next game is Feb 21st at Mitch and Courtney’s place. March’s game will be March 28th. Location TBA.

As always let us know if you can make it. I’ll be sending an invite through Face Book, so you can accept that as well.


1st – Scott Saunders

2nd – Justin Langford

3rd – Courtney Fairchild

4th – Dana Barnes

5th – Monroe Fairchild

6th – Samantha Watson

2nd Chance - Derek Jones

Horse’s ass – Derek Jones.



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