Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Results for Texas Hold 'em Night - 6pm, March 22nd

Ladies and Gentleman, we had a special event occur this past Sunday. The heavens smiled, music played, stars aligned and all that other crap. What could this special event be you say? You don't really need to ask do you? OK, fine. For the unenlightened, that's what happens each time and every time I win. It's been a while sadly, but it was inevitable. I think we had a few other players there, and there was some food, and a lot of laughter, blah, blah. What else matters?

We had a great time, it's always good to see everyone. Thanks to Mitch and Courtney again for hosting. The next one is scheduled for April 26th, at Phil's apartment. As we get closer, he'll send directions.

Here are the results, and check the leader board, as we have a new leader on top, temporarily of course.

1st Place – Ron Watson - 100 Points
2nd Place – Derek Jones - 80 Points
3rd Place – Samantha Watson - 60 Points
4th Place - Phil Rodriguez - 40 Points
5th Place – Val Williams - 20 Points
6th Place - Steve Menke - 10 Points

Along with taking 6th place, Mr. Menke all took first place in the Horse's Ass derby. After the bad beats he endured all night, he wasn't really in a talking mood, but we did manage to get a brief comment.

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