Sunday, March 1, 2009

Results for Texas Hold 'em Night - 6pm, Feb 22nd

Sorry for the delay folks. Been real busy. But the results are in. We had a great time seeing everyone again, and of course the poker was excellent as well. Sadly our long nightmare has returned, as Phil somehow managed to cheat, I mean steal, I mean make a deal with the devil, I mean win. Ouch, that really hurt to type that. I'll need to replace my keyboard now. Oh well. The results are below and the leader board is updated.

1st Place – Phil Rodriguez
2nd Place – Derek Jones
3rd Place – Mitch Fairchild
4th Place - Bill Lindstrom
5th Place – Ron Watson
6th Place - Samantha Watson

The next game will be March 22nd. Phil might actually be hosting, but that's not guaranteed yet. Stay tuned.

And correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe we have a first time winner for the Horse's ass trophy: Tom Burke. Dana would like to welcome you to the club. I think he may have a t-shirt for you. Sadly, Tom couldn't be reached for further comment, and our hidden microphone guy (Mitch) was to busy playing WII dancing with the stars or something. Jeez, you just can't get good help now a days. Oh well.

Hope to see everyone next month.

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