Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Palace Hold 'em Night 2008 - Tournament of Champions

After 12 months of battling for position, we've arrived at the first annual Palace Hold 'em Night Tournamnet of Champions. The January Nine will now fight for a jackpot of at least 210 bucks. The final battle will take place Jan 11th, at Mitch and Courtney's house. We would like the players to arrive no later than 6pm. We will draw for seats at 6:15, and deal the first hand no later than 6:30. We will blind in anyone who arrives later than this.

Also, we would love everyone who didn't qualify to come on out anyway. You're welcome to watch or start a side game on another table if you want. I think Mitch and Courtney's Wii will be fired up as well.

The format will be as follows: We will have rebuys and add-ons for the TOC. However, each player is only allowed to rebuy one time within the first 2 hours. After the first 2 hours, each player left will have the option to purchase additional chips for 10 dollars. A rebuy or add-on will only be for the normal 10,500 chips. After this, no more rebuys or add-ons at all.

We will pay the top 3 finishers, with 1st place taking 50% of the main pot, 2nd place getting 30%, and 3rd place getting 20%.

We will also be starting with different chip stacks based on leader board position. I've posted them below.

Phil Rodriguez 18,500
Ron Watson 17,500
Steve Menke 16,500
Mitch Fairchild 14,500
Derek Jones 14,500
Valerie Williams 13,500
Sharon Brown 12,500
Rebecca Barnes 11,500
Samantha Watson 10,500

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