Thursday, October 2, 2008

Results from Sunday, Sept 28th

(Cue the Movie Announcer guy) In a world where your Full House gets beat by Quad Kings on the very first hand of the night....

Yeah bad beats seem to be the theme of the night last Sunday. But there was pizza, and Phil didn't win again, so that's a plus. We even welcomed back a player who had fallen of the face of the earth , I mean, we hadn't seen in quite some time.

Anyway, thanks again to our hosts, Mitch (She said I could rebuy) and Courtney. In fact, they'll be hosting again next month, October 19th. Hope to see you all there.

Here are the results.

1st Place - Darrell Mitchell (where did this guy come from?)
2nd Place - Ron Watson
3rd Place - Derek Jones
4th Place - Val Williams
5th Place - Samantha Watson
6th Place - Phil Rodriguez

And the honor of being the horse's ass, I mean going out first, went to our host, Mitch. Congrats. Surprisingly enough, he was not available afterward for comment, but our hidden microphones were able to capture this candid response Warning! Not safe for work


Mighty Mitch said...

Alright, who had the microphone?

Sharon said...

Geez, Mitch, you're a real potty mouth!!! Who knew? It's always the quiet ones...

Ron said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second here. Mitch, one of the quiet ones?