Monday, September 22, 2008

Texas Hold 'em Night - 6pm, Sept 28th at Mitch and Courtney's House

Hello, it's that time again. Mitch and Courtney are our hosts this coming Sunday for Texas Hold 'em. We are down to just a couple of more games this year to qualify for the TOC. Come join us for some fun, food, and, of course the always popular party game of giving me your money.

Let us know if you're coming.




Sharon said...

I will absosmurfly be there!!!

Darrell said...

Been missing you guys for a long time. I'll see you tomorrow.

By "missing you guys" I mean, missing taking your money.



Ron said...

Believe me, Darrell, we've been missing you and your money as well. It'll be good to take your money again. I mean, see you again.

it's on. Broken ankle be damned.