Sunday, October 26, 2008

Results for the game on 10/19

Better late than never I guess. Here are the results from last Sunday at my house. I won. that's it. nothing else happened.

Ok, fine, I didn't win. Somebody else won. Derek somebody I think. He beat somebody else. But I don't like to dwell on the past. I think we all still had a good time, and plus, the mini-burgers were pretty good. Must've been, since they were gone before I got a chance to eat any.

Anyway, the leaderboard has been updated. Remember, just 2 games left to qualify for the TOC. We're hoping to have the next one in 2 weeks, Nov 9th. The location is still being negotiated. We should be able to do an early start at 4 or 5pm for that one.

Here are the official results:
1st Place - Derek Jones
2nd Place - Phil Rodriguez
3rd Place - Steve Menke
4th Place - Rebecca Barnes
5th Place - Darrell Mitchell
6th Place - Val Williams

Rebecca Barnes pulled the (apparently not so) rare feat of earning Horse's rear trophy, getting points and a bit of cash.

Congrats to all. Hope to see you all Nov 9th.



Sharon said...

Doggone and dagnab it, I need some points!! sigh

Ron said...

Now, Sharon, I have to ask you to refrain from using such strong language. This is a family blog.

Sharon said...

Yeah, yeah, smurf you, Ron. Yeah, that's right, you heard me...


Ron said...

And you educate our kids with that kind of potty mouth? Shocking. Just shocking.