Sunday, August 10, 2008

Canceled - Unsanctioned Game - August 15th, 6pm, at the Watsons


Okay, we're gonna cancel the unsanctioned game. Mainly because everyone is afraid to play against me! ha ha! Just a real busy time for everyone. Stay tuned for the date of the next sanctioned game, which will be held at Phil's house.


Ok, it's been way too long since we played poker. You know, like a week or so. Anyway, Sam had a brilliant idea that I host an unsanctioned game at my house next weekend. And, well, I'm not one to disagree with her. So there you go. Time for another unsanctioned game. No points will be awarded, just some cash, trash talkin and bragging rights. We'll have some fun, food, and drinks.

Please let know if you can make it. I'm planning this for Friday, but if Saturday night would work better for the majority of people, we can do that instead

thanks, hope to see you all there.



Sharon said...

Friday sounds great! Count me in...

Mighty Mitch said...

We're out...I'm officiating a wedding in Seguin, TX this weekend...Darn it!