Thursday, August 7, 2008

Results from Sunday, August 3rd

We had a great time Sunday night. Sadly, the night ended in tragedy, as I didn't win. %@#*K##!
Anyway, congrats to the cheaters winners. Thanks again to the Burkes for hosting for us. The date for the next game is TBA at this point, will announce it soon.

Drum roll please......

1st Place - Derek Jones
2nd Place - Christopher Castaneda
3rd Place - Val Williams
4th Place - Steve Menke
5th Place - Darla Burke
6th Place - Rebecca Barnes

and sadly, Faith Castaneda took home the dubious horse's ass trophy for first out.
post game comments

thanks everyone, see ya next time.



Mighty Mitch said...

Ron...not sure if you know this or not, but you accidently posted Derek Jones' name in the number one slot...must be a typo. Surly you meant to put Darla, Val or Rebecca's name there?!?

Ron said...

yes, I know. of course this what Derek sent me, so I think we need to launch a full scale investigation to confirm the results. that's what I get for leaving early. Shenanigans.

Sharon said...

Congrats, Derek! "You're welcome" that I brought my hubby. Otherwise, I would've kicked your butt! :)