Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Unsanctioned Game - July 12th

Well, the unsanctioned game was a blast. We had about 11 people and some good food. We even had an impromptu performance of Rapunzel by the Barnes and Fairchild Daughters. Amazing. We only had 1 table, although we crammed 11 people in there at one time I think. No points or hardware were awarded, just cold hard cash. And the money winners were:

1st Place - Ron (maybe I should get points for this) Watson
2nd Place -Rebecca (stupid 2nd place...again) Barnes
3rd Place - Val (easy come, easy go) Williams

The next sanctioned game is at Phil's house, August 3rd, 6pm. Hope to see you there.



Mighty Mitch said...

HHHHMMMMMMM....I wonder if Ron hadn't placed, if we'd be seeing the unsanctioned results?

F.Y.I. Mitch was voted Mr. Congeniality.

Ron said...

yes, regardless, of whether I win or not, results of all sanctioned and unsanctioned games will be posted. If I had a good picture of myself, I would've posted that as well.

Sharon said...

If you do give yourself points, I demand my hard-earned 4th place points! :)