Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Results from July 6th

Well, dang it, the results are in. And I didn't win. Son of a Mitch. Literally. Mitch (I didn't have to rebuy this time) took home the hardware and cash. Though not literally, since we didn't have the winners trophy. Hats off the ladies again, as Rebecca Barnes and firs time player (yeah right) Darla Burke carried the action and most of our chips all night. But it came down to heads up action between Mitch and Rebecca, who had a hefty chip lead.
But the tide turned when Mitch flopped trip kings, and was able to close it out.

Thanks again to the Burkes. No, not just Darla for beating me with that King on the river, but to Tom and Darla for hosting the game and cooking up the delicious food. We had a fantastic time and those who went our early were even able to enjoy the pool. The dates for the next 2 Hold 'em nights are set: August 3rd, 6pm at Phil Rodriguez, and August 24th, at the Burkes again. We're trying to get a an unsanctioned game together for next week, so stay tuned for that.

In other news, Sean Denton pulled of the rare feat of winning the Horse's ass and going out in 6th place with his re-buy.

I'm going to allow anonymous commenting for now, hoping that will drive more people to read and use the blog. Just sign your name if you do post anonymously.


Here are the winners:

1st place - Mitch Fairchild
2nd place - Rebecca Barnes
3rd place - Darla Burke
4th place - Ron Watson
5th place - Steve Menke
6th place - Sean Denton


fransmomma said...

wow! congrats to mitch. hopefully one of the frans will make the next one. it's been toooo long since i took someones money. :)

Sharon said...

Congrats, Mitch! And kudos to Ron for the fastest results post in history...

I'm so sorry about the trophy. I wanted to display it on my mantel longer...er, I mean I forgot about it. If there is an unsanctioned game and I can actually attend, I'll bring it with me.

If not, don't be surprised if it shows up by your front door, dressed as the roaming gnome.

Sharon said...

LOL. Nevermind, I see Mitch is already dressed as a roaming gnome of some sort. :)

Ron said...

haha, that's funny. It's a small pic of him as Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast. Actually, I think we'll stick with the gnome idea, that's funnier. No worries on the trophy.

I was thinking before the game that we'd all miss Phil, but then we had the game, you know, we really didn't. Amazing.

Just kidding Phil. (not really) Almost all of our regulars that couldn't make it were missed.

Mighty Mitch said...

I missed Phil too. Out of habbit I went to play footsie under the table with him(like we usually do)...totally for got he wasn't here. Next thing I know I rub'n Ron's leg on accident. Got one word for you Ron...Nair