Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hold 'em night - Dec 18th at Mitch and Courtney's place - 6:30pm

Alright, time for the next to last Palace Hold 'em night. Let me know if you can make it.


Also, for the last game, I wanted to get everyone's interest in having it New Year's Eve. We're looking to have a gathering at Mitch and Courtney's that night anyway, so I wanted to check if we just go ahead and have the last game that night as well. We probably do a later start, give everyone more starting chips, maybe allow a 5 dollar add-on for half the chips. We'd pause at midnight to have a toast and watch the ball drop. It'd be great to spend the end of the year with good friends. Lots of food and fun. Let me know about that as well.


Here's the results from the last game.


1st – Justin Langford

2nd – Ron Watson

3rdBill Lindstrom

4th Mitch Fairchild

5th - Steve Menke

6th – Courtney Fairchild

7th (By default) Dana Barnes



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