Friday, February 18, 2011

Hold 'em night - Sunday March 13th at Mitch and Courtney's, and March 27th at Scott's - both 6:30pm

Ok, we've finally got this here schedule thing figured out.  Since February didn't work out for anyone involved, we'll do two games in March.


March 13th at Mitch and Courtney's – 6:30pm

March 27th at Scott's – 6:30pm


There we go. So let me know if you'll be coming to one or both. I hope to see everyone there.


Also, the new poker trophies are here. I've decided I'm going to present the trophy to the winner at the beginning of the next game. That way everyone can see it.  Also, I will be purchasing a special plaque that will bear the names of the TOC champs from each year on it. We'll just keep adding the names each year. I'll make sure that plaque is displayed at each game. And one last thing, I'd love to get help getting pictures taken at each game. It's hard to focus on playing and taking pictures, but if anyone is willing to help, that would be awesome.







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