Monday, January 10, 2011

Ways to improve

As with everything, there are always things we can do improve. I'd love your opinion on things I could do for our monthly game to make it better and more enjoyable for everyone.


So let me have it. Here's some topics:


1.      The extra dollar on top of the ten dollar buy in. We gained an extra 24 dollars for the TOC pot as opposed to to just taking ten dollars out of the main pot. Should we keep the extra dollar?

2.      Right now, you're allowed to rebuy for the first 2 hours of the tournament. We did this to allow people to arrive later. Should we change this to 1hr? It might speed up the games a bit.

3.      Should we allow add-ons during the regular monthly games? This would mean you didn't have to bust out completely to get more chips. At the break, you'd allowed to purchase 10.5K in chips for 10 bucks at the break, regardless of how many chips you had.

4.      Should we go from 10 in the TOC back to 9 to make it a little hard to get in and more exclusive?


And of course anything else you can think of as well.


Let me know. I actually missed having the medals for the tourney, so I'll be bringing that back this coming year.




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