Sunday, March 14, 2010

Texas Hold 'em Night - 2010 Season - Saturday, March 27th, 6pm at Mitch and Courtney's

I know it’s been awhile, but things as always are busy with everyone.

Game 2 of the year saw lots of fun and good food as always. We had 14 players, a couple of rebuys, lots of actions, and a couple of firsts. Scott Saunders took home the Horse’s ass trophy for the first time, and Justin Langford followed up his 2nd place showing in January by taking home first place. Congrats Justin.

The results are below, and the point leader board is updated.

The next game is Saturday, March 27th, 6pm, at Mitch and Courtney’s. The Face book event is about to go out. Be sure to let me know if you plan on coming. And don’t forget, if you bust out of the tournament after the break, you can still win points by playing in the second chance game. There’s no additional buy in for that. So plan to hang around to play.

Mention this code word to me the day of the game and receive 500 extra chips - Redwings.

1st – Justin Langford

2nd – Ron Watson

3rd – Courtney Fairchild

4th – Derek Jones

5th – Steve Menke

6th – Munroe Fairchild

2nd Chance – Matt Gauck

Horse’s ass – Scott Saunders.



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