Monday, January 26, 2009

Results for Texas Hold 'em Night - 6pm, Jan 26th

And we're off...We kicked the year off right last night. A great turn out, 21 players, 3 tables, and a lot of fun. It was great to see some old friends and new faces. Good poker played by all, though sadly, not by me.

I think the addition of the bounties was a success. We'll keep it optional though. It seemed to work out fine.

When the final hand was played, Val was the one left holding the all the chips. I know some pictures were taken, and I'll post them here as soon as they come to me.

Our next game will be Feb 21st at Mitch and Courtney's again. But don't forget the super bowl party next week at Dana's.

Here are the results:

1st Place – Valerie Williams
2nd Place – Mitch Fairchild
3rd Place – Darla Burke
4th Place - Rebecca Barnes
5th Place – Dana Barnes
6th Place - Bill Lindstrom

And the winner of our brand new Horse's bobble ass trophy was Matt Gauck. As usual, our hidden microphones caught Matt's reaction as he drove home.


Sharon said...

Look out, Val!! Some guy's grabbing your money while your back's turned!!

Fresh Meat said...

Sounds like Matt needs a Ricola!

Mighty Mitch said...

Who is Fresh Meat? Joe? And Sharon, those are my hands...she's about $20 short..

Sharon said...

You only grabbed twenty? lol Those must have been quarter-dollar bills.

Sharon said...

I'm just double-checking that the next poker night IS actually on a Saturday and not a typo...still not sure I can go, but I'd hate to show up on the wrong night! :)

Ron said...

Sharon, no, that's a typo. it's Sunday, the 22nd. Email and new post going out shortly.