Saturday, May 10, 2008

Results For Last Sunday

Last Sunday night will go down in the books as the battle of the Directors with Mary Ellen and Ron taking 1st and 2nd place respectively.

It also proved to be a night of league records.

Steve Williams lived up to his nick name, Quickie, as he blew through his re-buy in only 5 minutes. A record this reporter is glad to see broken.

It was also a night that saw the Brown family contribute more to a tournament pot than any family in the history of the league. A record that is sure to stand for quite some time. I think the inaugural Palace (Character Development) Tournament saw less money in the entire pot than the Browns contributed last Sunday. That's right, the Browns walked away with the record of most re-buys by one family...and no money won to show for

Sadly, Phil "I can't believe Mary Ellen Just Busted Me" Rodriguez missed the chance to "threepeat" when...Mary Ellen busted him. A fact he made known by exclaiming "#$&*, I can't $*%@'n believe Mary $#@%'n Ellen just !@!#'n busted my $#% !"

Hats off to Steve Menke for collecting the Horse's Ass trophy by going out first.

Sunday's Results Were As Follows:
1st Place: Mary Ellen
2nd Place: Ron Watson
3rd Place: Phil Rodriguez
4th Place: Samantha Watson
5th Place: Bill Lindstrom
6th Place: Joe (Audience Favorite) Penrod

***Corrections have finally been made, 5/21/08 by the STD***


Brian said...

Bitches! :)

Sharon said...

Mitch, you ruined my moment! I think Sam came in fourth. In true smart-ass fashion, I was going to say:

"Psst...Ron, you spelled my name S-A-M by mistake."

Maybe I'll money again if I leave my bad luck charm at home next time. His name is Brian. ;)

Mighty Mitch said...

Brian...It's Mitch's
not Bitches... : )

Sharon said...

Any word on the next one?