Monday, April 14, 2008

Results for the April 6th Tourney

Sorry this is so late, I've been dealing with a bunch of stuff. Anyway, we had a great game on the 6th. Mary Ellen's sloppy joe's were absolutely a hit. A small turn out this time with only 13 players, but still a good time.

Sadly, the Phil Rodriguez train could not be derailed, as he won back to back tourneys. Here are the results:

1st Phil "Butt Plug" Rodriguez
2nd Dana "Thought I Had Straight Again" Barnes
3rd Courtney Fairchild
4th Sharon "Exploding Breast" Brown
5th Mitch "No Rebuy" Fairchild
6th Val Williams

Our next game is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, May 4th.


Mighty Mitch said...

We Are A Go To Have The Game Here Unless Philbert Wants It At His Casa...

Sharon said...

Why does Phil get the discreet initials, whilst I am further humiliated? I demand that he be listed as "butt plug" and I be listed as E.B.

Sharon said...

Okay, nevermind. Either Ron edited it, or I was hallucinating. Both are viable possibilities...