Sunday, March 2, 2008

Texas Hold 'Em Night - Jan 20th

Our first game of the year was held at Mary Ellen's House. We had 2 tables, lots of good food, drink, and a lot fun. Here are the results:

Place Name Points Awarded
1st Steve Williams 100
2nd Rebecca Barnes 80
3rd Bill Lindstrom 60
4th Phil Rodriguez 40
5th Matt Gauck 20
6th Mitch Fairchild 10

The points next to the names are new this year. We're awarding points to the top six finishers at each tournament. We're also taking 10 from the main pot of each game and building the bonus jackpot. The top 6 points leaders will be eligible for the jackpot at the end of the year game.

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Ron said...

"I got a 9, I got a 9"