Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 16th Post Game

Alright, We had a great game Sunday night. What am I saying, it totally sucked because I lost. Oh well, I'm sure the universe will correct itself for the next game. Anyway, thanks again to Mitch and Courtney for providing such a great venue for our game. I look forward to the next one.

Here are the people who cheated me out of my rightful....I mean...... Here are the top 6 for the March 16th tourney.

1) Phil "I got a 9" Rodriguez
2) Steve "any two cards" Menke
3) Mitch "I will not Re-buy, any more" Fairchild
4) Sharon "Money" Brown
5) Mary Ellen "yes it's your turn" Butler
6) Bill "Ace -3" Lindstrom

I'm sure Mitch made a typo, there's no way Phil actually won is there? I call Shenagigans. Anyway, Congrats to Phil on his first title, welcome to the winners club, and the top of the points leader board.
And it's about time I started reporting who was the Horse's ass... I mean.. the first out. This week, Mr. Stephen Story took home the honors...or something like that.
Let the trash talking begin.
See you guys next time.
Next game tentatively scheduled for 4/6.
Ron "That's I am the STD, not I have a STD" Watson


Sharon said...

Shouldn't I have to actually win some money before enjoying that nickname?

Ron said...

I think it fits, since you've finished in the money the only 2 times you've played. that's pretty good.

Sharon said...

:) I did re-buy this time, which pissed a certain lovely lady off! Thankfully, a ton of other people did too, so I still broke even.

Love the Phil pic, btw.

Ron said...

Phil just wishes he won that much money.

Sharon said...

Nah, I bet he's wishing he had that snazzy shirt. On a different note, you should award points for using the word "manties" in a sentence. I swear Phil said manties at least a dozen times! That's how he got rid of his competitors...